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url.jpgAt White’s Mercantile, the Nashvillian store for about_collage_photo2.jpgartisanal goods, I discovered a new brand that I’m incredibly excited about: fashionABLE. The brand melds fashion and local charity in such a natural, powerful way. The brand’s tagline is, “Beautiful products by women who have overcome”, and this pulls at my heartstrings in such a huge way. First, by targeting female artisans, and second, by specifically promoting women who have overcome severe trials. I love the concept of a woman ‘overcoming,’ as it is so entirely universal. Regardless of the magnitude of what you, as a human being, have overcome, I can pretty confidently say that we have all overcome something.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.03.49 PM.pngThe Miriam Collection really struck a nerve. Miriam, a Nashville-native, has managed to overcome addiction, homelessness and prostitution, and rebound as a successful jewelry designer. How amazing is that? It’s fantastic that there is an organization like fashionABLE that is geared towards helping women grow and ‘overcome.’ Advocating for women is awesome!

I loved shopping these fashionABLE products. They make for great birthday gifts with an empowering backstory. Shop items from the Miriam Collection here: Prices range from $20 to $70. And don’t forget to check out White’s Mercantile at this link:


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