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Nashville Food Picks!

4606680004_722cdddf66_b.jpgI spent the past few days working in Nashville, Tennessee, and man, is Music City incredible! My friend and I were joking that all great locations in Nashville are at most, within 6 miles of one another. With that in mind, there are some great local restaurants to hit up and grab a bite. Here are the five places I ate at, adored and can’t wait to revisit!

  • Josephine: Friday night was my girl Lisa’s 24th birthday. After a long day, there was nothing quite like enjoying an intimate FN_Special-Sauce-Little-Octopus_s4x3.jpgdinner, with the freshest, most well-seasoned chicken breast I have EVER eaten. Josephine, located on 12 South, an up-and-coming neighborhood, is known for its Chicken for Two that comes with crispy potatoes and kale. Topped off with a grilled onion vinaigrette, as a major lover of onions, I was in heaven.  We also particularly enjoyed the Buffalo Cauliflower, and the Grandma Hartman Molasses Cookies. Even with this smorgasbord of delicious food, I still fell asleep at the table. What can I say? Food comas are real. http://www.josephineon12th.com05bcb5be669afb3f79efe7cb5537db56.jpg
  • Las Paletas: As a quasi-Durhamite, I’ll give myself that title after three years there!, I know good popsicles. And Las Paletas is not only a good popsicle shop, it is a KILLER, fabulous, on FIRE, popsicle shop. With Fruit or Cream options, you’ll have your pick of a very wide selection. I especially recommend Cookies, Butter Pecan, Lime with Mint and Pineapple Blueberry. Also, these popsicles are so well frozen that you never have to deal with that annoying melt-and-ruin-your-clothes factor.
  • little-octopus-nashville-1024x559.jpgThe Little Octopus: If you like creative seafood, this is your Nashville stop. In a state of virtual delirium, my boss ordered us upwards of 10 plates to try. Let me tell you, I loved every single dish. When we walked away from the restaurant, clutching our guts, no one felt an ounce of regret. These were calories and dollars well spent. I’d recommend the Hamachi, the Avocado with Sour Orange, Scallion Ash, Shallots and Cilantro, the Butter Lettuce with Tarragon Vin, Chervil, Chive, Tomato and Shallot, the Cheeseburger and the Octopus with Fregola, Chorizo, Smoked Potato and Herbs.
  • The Frothy Monkey: You simply can’t go anywhere these days without marking your territory at a sick coffee joint. The Frothy Monkey was my joint for the weekend, and I hope that if you visit Nashville, it will be yours as well. The Rosewater Mint Latte was delicious, as was the Orange Lavender Latte. If you’re feeling like a regular, ol’ cup of coffee, the Frothy Monkey has a wonderful outdoor porch to chill out on, and is a major favorite with locals.  b203dbc1934258da9a527b0563922a3a.jpg

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