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Sub_Urban Riot

You know what never ceases to rock? A graphic tee. Truly, a cute graphic tee with an inviting phrase always makes me smile. Mainly, I love wearing tees around the house or while exercising– it’s always easier for me to push myself when I’m feeling comfortable and coordinated. (I went through a seriously bad phase of throwing on this giant Met’s tee that hung below my knees, and always felt like crap amidst the Soul Cycle-clad yummy mummies. I’ve developed a new happy medium…)

At Grace, the Niantic life and style store I’m completely obsessed with, I always purchase the softest tees and sweatshirts from Sub_Urban Riot. Coupling their tri-blend fleece with a loose fit, the California-based brand seems to produce instant-celebrity work out faves. Casual exercise clothing, or athleisure, is the new big thing, and I’d hop onboard that trend train ASAP if I were you. If you’re looking to attain a hint of Beyoncé’s allure, check out Sub_Urban Riot, and note how flawless you feel!

**If you were a lover of Junk Food tees during the early 2000’s, then this is your ideal brand. Think of Sub-Urban Riot as a forest-friendly, earthier take on your favorite Orange Crush tee from Delia’s.

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