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Bridget Jones is Back!

bridget.jpgA good romantic comedy is a gift. A GREAT romantic comedy with British hotties Colin Firth and Hugh Grant is something else entirely. The first time I watched Bridget Jones, I was definitely a wink too young. (But ain’t that how it always goes?) So much went over my head– to the degree that I basically did not understand the plot of the film. In more recent years, I have became a Bridget Jones fanatic. Reading the books, tackling the movies more than a dozen times each, hoping to someday attend my own turkey curry buffet in an ugly sweater…Imagine my joy when I learned that she was back!2d0706f900000578-3258046-image-a-47_1443826088871

This Friday, September 16th, you can count on the fact that I’ll be taking a trip to the local movie theater, shelling out some Hamiltons and settling into a raucous night of Bridget-humor. (I’ve never used the word ‘raucous’ before, but I find it especially appropriate in this scenario. Thoughts?)

635836364842997473158503544_bridgeeWhat makes Bridget so relatable? Ms. Renée Zellweger. She was made for this role, and embodies the character brilliantly. Bridget is a total every-girl– if every girl can be defined as goofy, smart and on a constant diet. I find myself rooting for Bridget so much more than I could ever root for your typical romantic leading lady. Knowing I’ve been there, and shared in the ups and downs of oversharing on a first date, singing by myself in a lonely apartment and finding that seemingly perfect outfit– it’s great. It’s a bit more real. bridget-jones-diary-lg

Joining this iteration is Grey’s Anatomy’s gorgeous Patrick Dempsey, and I hope I walk away laughing as much as I usually do. When my dad visited Rome last year, we watched Bridget Jones in our hotel suite, and had a blast. So maybe this is finally the romantic comedy to take your father, brother, best guy friend or boyfriend to?

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