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Farmer Ganyard at Upchurch Farm

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.03.43 PM.pngLess than fifteen days until Halloween begins! If you’re not heading to Duke’s Countdown to Craziness 2016, or if you’re just looking for something to get in that ol’ autumnal mood, pop over to Farmer Ganyard at Upchurch Farm! It’s a short drive from Durham to this Cary farm, and you’ll be sorry if you don’t check it out before all the vine-ripe pumpkins are gone. Can you say Linus, anyone? (Sincerely.)

I headed over to Upchurch Farm this past weekend with my visiting boyfriend. We’ve been trying to do more activities lately– long distance is a lot of thinking about doing things in the future, and very little execution. We got a little lost, mainly because I input the wrong address, but no worries! For clarification, Upchurch Farm Road is not Upchurch Farm. So. You’ve been warned. We were definitely a little confused as to how all the developments would morph into a pumpkin patch. Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.05.02 PM.png

Once we arrived, both of us paid the $14 entrance charge which included: a hayride, a corn maze, a trip to Mount Cornutopia, two free pumpkins– straight from the patch, and a trip to the petting zoo. It seems like a great place to take people of all ages. Seriously, the range was vaaaaaast. I’d recommend going around 11 am, because the rush really kicks in after lunch. I liked having more of the space to myself, and a greater choice of pumpkins.

For more information: Enjoy all that North Carolina has to offer this October, and check Upchurch Farm out!boyHayMaze.png

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