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16 Candles (for the Holidays)

Hello, Scrooges! Time to hop off this page if you’re not feeling the Holiday spirit, because I’m over here absolutely slap-happy with cheer and good tidings. It may only be the very beginning of November, but I’m here to remind you: it’s never too soon to jump on the bandwagon with me. After all, there will be caroling, hot coco, beautiful snowflakes and Buddy the Elf riding along. (Pardon me, what’s your favorite color?)

I find gift giving to be a blast, but I know that it can seem daunting– especially when meeting new people/the parents (of any home you’re a guest at). My sure fire hostess gift? A candle. Everybody loves candles. One, because everybody loves when things smell good. And two, because everybody loves a little fire.

Check out my list of 16 of the best holiday candles. A whole range of prices and scents, with a consistent, winter-y vibe. And, if you feel like pulling a Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, treat yourself, and purchase a votive-size!

  • Nest (Birchwood Pine, $40)
    • Smells like: white pine, fir balsam, amber, birchwoodbirchwood_classic_wbox_onwhite_72dpi_1.jpg
  • Nest (Holiday, $64)
    • Smells like: mandarin orange, pine cloves, amber, vanilla, cinnamonholiday_3wick16_w-box_onwhite_72dpi.jpg
  • Diptyque (Sparkling Incense, $35)
    • Smells like: elemi, cloves, vanilladiptyque_bougienoel_etoile_150dpi_rvb.jpg
  • Diptyque (Delicious Spices, $35)
    • Smells like: warm gingerbread, honey, star aniseepices_70g_1.png
  • Diptyque  (Festive Fir Tree, $35)
    • Smells like: pine, resin, cedar, patchoulisapin_70g_new_2.png
  • Jo Malone (Pine and Eucalyptus, $65)
    • Smells like: sweet pine, eucalyptus_9859764.jpg
  • Jo Malone (Frosted Cherry & Clove, $65)
    • Smells like: clove, cherry, cinnamon, amber_9618950.jpg
  • Aspen Bay (Nutmeg and Amber, $31)
    • Smells like: ground nutmeg, blackberries, golden amber353TF-100-NAM.jpg
  • Aspen Bay (Juniper Twig Holiday Jar, $31)
    • Smells like: fresh fir, cedar, grapefruit516Juniper-Twig.jpg
  • Voluspa (Visions of Sugar Plums, $35)
    • Smells like: white plum, dried cherry, powdered sugar, lemon zest, hazelnutScreen Shot 2016-10-31 at 2.11.38 PM.png
  • Voluspa (Cinnamon Ceylon & Copal, $35)
    • Smells like: cinnamon, cassia, copal resin, ambercinnamon-candle.jpg
  • Archipelago (Joy Jar Candle, $21.50)
    • Smells like: orange, crushed cinnamon, spiceScreen Shot 2016-10-31 at 2.38.29 PM.png
  • Archipelago (Winter Frost, $21.50)
    • Smells like: birch, evergreen needles, sage, clementine, moss, amberScreen Shot 2016-10-31 at 2.28.06 PM.png
  • Lafco (Cranberry Currant, $32)
    • Smells like: cranberry, red currant, raspberry, blackberryHOL-1HVres_450x354.jpg
  • Caldrea (Juniper Laurel Mint, $13)
    • Smells like: juniper, mintjuniper-laurel-mint-candle-tin.jpg
  • Caldrea (Plum Bergamot Clove, $13 )
    • Smells like: plum, clovesplum-bergamot-clove-candle-tin.jpg


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