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Rachel Green for Halloween

You’ve got one day left until Halloween. Correct? Well, never fear, because I’ve got a GREAT, easy, DIY costume for ya! Ever heard of a little television show named “Friends?” Very obscure. Not a huge fan-following. Definitely what I’d call a hidden gem. (…) Anyway, two of my friends and I dressed up as Rachel, Phoebe and Monica– of “Friends.” Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 12.35.01 PM.png

Here’s what you need for each:

For Rach, a pair of overalls, a short or long sleeved tee, an apron and casual sneaks.

For Phoebs, a maxi dress, butterfly clips and flip flops.

For Mon, high-waisted jeans, casual sneaks and a tee.

To really sell it, I suggest adding– although this is not required–:

For Rach, a “We were not on a break!” note, a Central Perk mug and a pair of ovular, 90’s sunglasses, a strand of fake pearls and a brown satchel.

For Phoebs, fake flowers to place in between butterfly clips, a blow up guitar and a stuffed animal cat.

For Monica, any and all cleaning supplies you possess, a whisk and a chef’s hat.

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