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Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!

YYQX1HwV.jpgI love to have a carbonated drink with dinner. Whether that means sparkling water or a Diet Coke, food pairings with soda can be a bit tricky. That means that I mainly stick to sparkling water…until recently. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of enjoying Blenheim Ginger Ale at Mothers & Sons Trattoria in Durham, North Carolina. Spicy in the best ways, I am a new convert to this Southern speciality.

Bleinheim Ginger Ale began in 1903 in Bleinheim, South Carolina, and has since relocated to Hamer. (Who’s ever been to South of the Border? The theme park bought out Bleinheim Ginger Ale in the 90’s, and bottles the product onsite.) In the 1800’s, Blenheim’s mineral springs were known for restoring health and curing hangovers. When a local doctor addedshopimage.jpg Jamaican Ginger Root to the water, Bleinheim Ginger Ale was born! This combination had been intended to treat dyspepsia, a confusing word for ‘indigestion.’ — It did a lot more than that.

border_sign.jpgWhat makes Bleinheim Ginger Ale so remarkable? It’s fiery hot! If you like Tabasco or Texas Pete’s on your morning scrambled eggs, then you’ll love a spicy-sweet Ginger Ale from Blenheim. For dinner, I enjoy a little mix-and-match action– a juicy cheeseburger with my Bleinheim Ginger Ale, or even a delicious Cacio e Pepe. Also, I’ve heard that adding it to a cocktail can be quite fun.

However, be warned: the red caps and gold caps are produced for a reason. Red is extra hot, while gold is a bit more dulled. But just a bit.

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