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To my future children:

It’s November 10th, 2016; one day after the devastating election results. Trump won, as you probably know. I hope you’re as politically inclined as I was as a child…I hope I’ve raised you as my parents raised me. To care. To be an advocate. To believe.

I’m sitting in a chair in Perkins—that’s the library at Duke. Where I went to college. (Duke is where I met some of your ‘Aunts.’ And maybe, how I met your Dad? Or at least, a great love of mine before your father.)

People around me are quiet. Like the way people are meant to be in a library. At the same time, there’s a palpable feeling of pain in this room that lets in so much light from the glass ceilings and windows. Oh, glass ceilings. Fuck you, glass ceilings. I’m angry right now.

I’m angry for every American who feels disenfranchised. Including myself. Did you know that our president-elect abuses women? I need to let that thought simmer.

Except, I don’t want to accept it. I don’t want to be okay with it because it’s simply not okay. I did what I thought I could. I spoke out. I donated. I attended meetings and rallies. I registered fellow North Carolinians.

Oh my babes. I am glad you’re not around yet. I’m glad that before you are born, and enter this world, I will have the opportunity to right these wrongs and to fix everything for you. I am an idealist. I will never stop believing in visions of Hope. I Hope for you, and for all the men, women and children who are hurting right now.

I will fix this. And so will all the adults your Mommy loves. We will fix this for you. We will set you up for success, and continue fighting for a more equal America. An America where all people may raise their voices, speak out and affect change.

There is so much undergirding pain in the votes for Trump. I also must acknowledge that. To a degree.

But man, am I bitter. I hope that someday I can thank Hillary personally. This isn’t what I wanted. This isn’t what anyone I respect and love wanted, but it’s where we are. I’m not going to deal with it. I’m going to act on it. I’m going to fight against it.


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