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Pai Skincare

xmas-radiance-2016_largeSome may be familiar with this time of year, others may not be. Either way, Sorority Recruitment is giving me some serious bags under my eyes. It’s a super exciting process, but my mind is so swarmed with plans and logistics that I’ve been having trouble getting an uninterrupted night’s sleep. In fact, while I was greeting a friend yesterday morning, I felt my eyes start to water a bit. He asked, “Are you okay?”, thinking I was upset. …Nope. Just less sleep. (It’s like when someone looks at you when you’re not wearing makeup, and asks, “Are you sick?”)

Anyway, my  current solution to this dilemma? Pai Skincare’s Instant Radiance Collection, which includes a rosehip oil rollerball and a kukui & jojoba bead exfoliator. These products polish and condition skin, brightening tired eyes. They’re perfectly portable in every way, and will soon become integral components of my travel routine. How great to have travel-ready skincare? Especially on a dry airplane! xmas-radiance-2016-feature

Pai offers a bunch of other products, and I love their small-batch approach to beauty and skincare. There’s a level of understanding and care that shines through products made by passionate, small business owners. It’s more personal to me than many of the more expensive brands– for example, Le Mer or Clarins.

This particular set is $25, and you’ll be mighty glad you picked one up! If not for you, maybe for a good, very deserving friend. Everyone’s skin needs a little moisture and illumination in the winter…

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