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Let’s Dance!

imagesRight now, I’m listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album. I do love that little, red-haired, cherub of a man. There’s something special and secret about listening to loud music with your headphones on, particularly in a public space. Like, we’re all here together, working side-by-side in the library, but I’m just listening to my “Fun-Winter” playlist. (I should geturl more creative with these names. Everything is like, “Fun-Summer.” “Sad-Summer.” But the system does work.) Private listening makes me want to dance more so than when I’m at a party. I wonder if that’s because the thought of dancing in the library is so “High School Musical,” and I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a Ryan.


Oh, how we’ll miss you, Mr. President.

While I didn’t really feel “Thinking Out Loud,” it’s too lovey for me to play in the library when all I’m thinking about is getting through, through, through it all, I very much like “Castle on the Hill.” “Shape of You” also pumps me up. Music is such a fantastic motivator. It’s energizing and as intense as you want to make it. It also places you in moments that, looking forward, you’ll harken back to. For example, I remember when Ed Sheeran first hit it big: I blasted “Drunk” over and over again until I memorized every word. What was usually a routine hour and a half drive turned into an unparalleled jam session. (Probably paralleled. Probably paralleled 70 times over…Who isn’t prone to a little exaggeration?)

If someone wants to come dance with me, even if you want to shoulder dance in the library, I’ll save a seat for you! Other than that, what’s your secret pump-up song? Does it rotate or stay the same?

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