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Fitz v. Mark

This Valentine’s Day, I’m asking the hard questions: Who would you rather grab a romantic dinner with, Fitzwilliam or Mark Darcy? Both portrayed onscreen by the stunningly handsome Colin Firth, Fitzwilliam (Pride & Prejudice) and Mark Darcy (Bridget Jones) are basically the same character. (– This is intentional, people.) Or are they?

Initial Meet-Cute:

  1. Fitzwilliam, upon first glance, is arrogant and rude. He shows no interest in Elizabeth Bennett, and even insults her and her family. While he is certainly aloof, in an occasionally disconcerting way, there is something fun, dark and mysterious about it all.
  2. Mark is also, upon first glance, arrogant and rude. He makes Bridget feel like ‘absolute crap’ at the Turkey Curry Buffet, remarking upon her ‘spinsterhood’ and strange mother. Mark is one to talk, looking ridiculous in an ugly Christmas sweater. Therefore, I give a point to the OG Mr. Darcy. At least he had the sense to dress himself!

Sudden About-Face:

  1. In my favorite scene of all time, Fitzwilliam declares his love for Elizabeth. And yet, he’s still kind of an asshole about it… “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” So you’re basically saying that you’ve fallen in love with me against your better judgement? What a sweet sentiment! *SWOON* …
  2. Mirroring Jane Austen’s most revered work, as Bridget leaves the ‘Smug-Marrieds’ dinner, Mark says, “I like you very much. Just as you are.” Okay, people! Now that is the way to do it. Clear point for Mark Darcy.


  1. Sorry if I’m ruining this for you, but I don’t feel that bad because this book has been around for 200 years. As Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth prepare to ride into the sunset, their adorable banter is too much for me to handle. I want to be part of the Darcy family. Put me in, Coach Austen!  Feel free to compliment me for the ‘liveliness of my mind’ any day of the week.
  2. With a similarly adorable ending, this time taking place in the London snow rather than the British countryside, Mark and Bridget kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss. I love it! Pajamas be damned, Bridget will chase Mark down until the end of time. I’d say, point for both Darcys.

In the end, I choose Fitzwilliam Darcy. I know they’re tied based on my rankings, but I just love him!

That said, who would you want to spend Valentine’s Day with?

P.S. That’s me in my Bridget Jones-inspired penguin pajamas.

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