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Fearless Girl

girl-v-bull-2.jpgMcCann New York and State Street’s Fearless Girl statue gives me all the best feels. Facing off against Wall Street’s Charging Bull, Fearless Girl is my friend Grace, my friend Hallie, my friend Caitlin, all the amazing women in my life that plan to enter the finance world next year. All the women in business I know, have known and ever will know. All the women in business that are, have been and ever will be!

about-iwd.pngHappy International Women’s Day, people. I am proud to know so many fearless women. Ambition is a good thing, and we should celebrate it. The status quo is the Charging Bull– a male-dominated, corporate world. Fearless Girl stands in the path of years of history, expectations and ingrained sexism and says, “Here. I. Am.” fearless-girl-hed-2017.jpg

As a young girl, I wanted to be a part-time actress, President of the United States and an author. As a young woman, I’ve narrowed my field of opportunities. I. ME! I have done this. Why? Maybe because I didn’t want to be annoying. I didn’t want to be that girl that raised her hand. That girl who, when the teacher asked, “Who said that?”, answered: “I did,” instead of staying quiet. Maybe I didn’t want to ask for favors, to seem rude, to do anything that might make me seem overbearing or aggressive.

Content_cuts13Because honestly, who says I can’t be all three of those things? — Part-time actress, President, author. (You tell me which President in recent history hasn’t gotten a book deal and acted his ass off on television.) Today, I think we should all take a note from Fearless Girl and reevaluate our tremendous potential, our worth and our goals. Don’t say, “This might be a silly idea.” Say, “I’ve got an idea.” Don’t say, “You can totally say no.” Say, “Here’s the deal.”

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