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Austen and Carroll and Shakespeare! Oh my!

I love t51IqEmwTheL._SX263_BO1,204,203,200_o shop for my younger cousins—especially Alden, a voracious reader and a seriously creative thinker. She 514Kgbk8UzL._SX265_BO1,204,203,200_reminds me of a wood nymph or a pixie. So incredibly light, sweet and energetic, Alden’s disposition and interests make for easy gift giving. In a lot of ways, I like to purchase what a younger me would most desire.

This morning I stumbled upon Classics Unfolded. If you love classic novels, think Pride and Prejudice or The Secret Garden, these 16-scene visual maps provide young readers with a manageable interpretation of great works. Artists Yelena Bryskenskova and Becca Stadtlander are the masterminds behind this concept, and I am absolutely in love!

I know Alden, who is certainly chomping at the bit to dive into literary classics, will love the bite-sized, snack-able quality of this series. Sharing 51Nnd6PCegL._SX266_BO1,204,203,200_great texts with young children is tumblr_nqexvzk0fl1ruaxz0o1_250completely possible now! It’s a picture book that morphs adult content into fantastic childhood stories. In fact, I would even suggest purchasing a copy of Bryskenskova’s Romeo and Juliet for every middle school classroom. Shakespeare’s writing is confusing…

These fold-out concertinas are not just great for reading—they can even make for great pieces of art! I would suggest displaying scenes individually. Original written text plus a recently interpreted illustration makes for a powerful framed image.d716c69bfd6cf4a4488c97d373a156f6

I purchased a copy of Pride and Prejudice for Alden today, and can’t wait to see what she does with it.


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