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RSF (a.k.a. Resting Sleep Face)



It has come to my attention, over the course of the last several days, that I have a deeply unattractive sleeping face. (I also drool. Apparently.) My friend Emma drove me up to Old Black Point for Kaboom, and I completely passed out during the trip. That’s completely natural, totally normal. However, this face, this face is something else entirely…



My only potentially saving grace is that maaaaybe I was having a nightmare? Something smelled bad? I mean, I am literally frowning. Who sleeps like that? I actually adore sleeping, so this is really bizarre to me. I can’t even imagine how much face lotion I’ll need to purchase in the years to come. Laugh lines are delightful, a beautiful sign of aging and life taking its natural course. Frown lines! FROWN LINES!



The drooling issue is another problem on its own. Could not tell you when or why or how or ugh! Also, I looked up advice for this online, and the Internet told me: “Always be happy, and avoid thinking about anything.” So. That’s good.

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