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Def Feeling the Delft

5849aaFirst of all, I had no idea Delft pottery came from the Netherlands! My understanding of international geography is pathetic, but I was so psyched to learn this upon arrival. These beautiful blue and white pottery pieces seem to line every storefront window. Especially as I was walking towards Museum Square, I found a bunch of adorable antique stores. (There’s a stretch of them that extends for a good ten blocks, or the Amsterdam equivalent of ‘blocks.’)

Again, continuing with the blue theme for my upcoming apartment— so weird how quickly it302660476_tp seems to be whirling around the corner! Get ready, Meggala!— I needed some delftware. I was especially interested in finding tulip vases. There were certainly a ton in touristy shops, but I wanted the real deal. It was important to me that I found something pre-owned. I’ve always loved imagining the history behind objects…

dscf834427720121044565012b778a227aAnyway, bright and early on Sunday morning, my friend and I trekked outside on a hunt for any open antique store. Lucky for us, there were several open! We ended up sifting through a woman’s wonderful collection of tiles, vases and plates. I bought two vases that I’m super stoked about.delft-blue-tulip-vase-round

The first, apparently used to contain some type of medicine for a pharmacy. I’m purposefully choosing not to google the meaning of the medicine— last thing I want is to know I’m putting flowers into a former-bowl of diuretics. The second, a more elongated, traditional tulip vase, has an image of a windmill on it! So Dutch! Woo!

This is my first authentic product purchase from Europe. (Meaning it’s the first time I’ve bought something authentically native to an area.) I’m very pleased, and am proud to say that you can get some sick artifacts— Grace’s tiles are from the 1660’s!— for incredibly reasonable prices. I can’t wait to place some fresh flowers inside my new vases.

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