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Fast Food Trick-or-Treats

Twas the week before Halloween and all through the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy was ruining any possibility of me getting to go trick-or-treating! Flash back a month earlier: The year was 2012, meant to be read two-thousand and twelve, and my best friend Caroline and I were picking out our Halloween costumes. It was September 25th. We meant business, and we were pumped about taking this Halloween, arguably the last Halloween we could reasonably eek out our own trick-or-treating experience, very seriously. (Also, this was a totally accurate assumption. I have yet to trick-or-treat since I left for college. Very disappointing.)me and cp

Caroline could easily pass as Dorothy– she’s a brown-haired Julie Andrews, that beauty! And I went for Glinda. Less because I look like her and more because I really didn’t want to be the Scarecrow…Anyway, our costumes were sick. We rented them. We had to sign an AGREEMENT. It was absurd, but we felt it was worth it. After all, we love holidays, and we wanted to start the season off right!

Unfortunately, as the storm ravaged our town/the surrounding areas, it became painfully clear that there would be no trick-or-treating for us. So here’s what we did instead: Fully dressed in our costumes, we braved the elements, and went to the movie theater. No such luck, for we screwed up the movie times. Next, we went to Chicken Joe’s, the best place ever, and ordered cones. Cones are basically deep fried mashed potato balls, and they’re exceptionally good. We saw a small boy dressed as Elvis. Then, we went to McDonald’s. We got fries and burgers. Do you see what we were trying to do?!? 😉 cp and elvis

Anyway, we ate a lot that night, and ultimately went home and watched “Grey’s Anatomy.” To quote the shocked boy from “The Incredibles,” it “was totally wicked!!!”  If your town ever loses most of its power and streets are blocked off, fast food restaurants never cease to close, so they’re a pretty wonderful place to trick-or-treat on All Hallow’s Eve.

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