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Lady Jayne’s Alchemy

Once in a blue moon, alright, three times in the course of a week, I need to take a chill pill. Unfortunately, there is no true, actual, real chill pill, so I thought I might revert to an age old, tried-and-true method for, as LadyIMG_0679.JPG Jayne’s Alchemy puts it, “Calming the F#@! Down”– smelling salts. Yes, you read that right! Just like Mrs. Bennett, my nerves often get the best of me. (“Oh, fetch my smelling salts. I feel my faintness coming on me again!”)

My friend Betsey introduced me to Lady Jayne, a great brand based in a barn in the Hudson Valley. I love Jayne’s whole concept! It reminds me of going to a wedding with mason jar-light fixtures and pie instead of cake. It’s like a sepia-toned version of the present day, and I think that’s why the salts are so effective! One small inhalation of the vibrant, lemony scent, and one big acknowledgement of static1.squarespace.jpghow funny the situation is, and you’ll find yourself lightening right up.

Seriously though. Whether you’re in search of a sweet gift for a friend, or browsing for a new elixir to try, Lady Jayne has a fabulous, easy website to navigate for goodies. Who’s up for trying some alternative Bronchial.JPGmedicine?!

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