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“The Tunnel”

PBS, although Phoebe Buffay might say otherwise, usually hits the nail on the head with great television. If I could live in a Masterpiece Classic, I would. You can quote me on that.8D2MBiGgf1mBPKZ31N3L9sVGNve.jpg (And if anyone knows how to make that happen, please get into contact with me! My friend Hannah and I would definitely be psyched to travel back in time for a few, hour-long episodes.)
“The Tunnel” is a fabulous 2013 show that originally aired in the United Kingdom and France. Starring Stephen Dillane (which keeps auto-The-Tunnel-Intro-03-16x9-1.jpgcorrecting to dilate, and it’s annoying me.) and Clemence Posey, the show follows an investigation into the death of a French MP. What originally looked like a simple case, evolves into an ongoing, murderous game of cat-and-mouse between the investigators and a ‘truth-sayer.’ The initial draw, or at least, the premise that they’re promoting most heavily, is that the MP was found at the midway point in the Euro Tunnel— in both France and England.
It reminds me a lot of the Benedict Cumberbatch “Sherlock Holmes”. The same British humor, the same character dynamics and the same thought-provoking intrigue. As The-Tunnel-Karl-Elise-16x9-1.jpgsomeone who likes to read a thriller in one go, because I can’t wait any longer to find out who the culprit is, the slow release format is certainly testing me. I recommend it highly to fans of “Sherlock Holmes”, “Law & Order: SVU” and “Making a
Check it out on PBS!

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