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Asheville Girlfriend Getaway

Planning a Girls Weekend in the near future? Why not head out to Asheville– Beer City, U.S.A. is a hiker’s paradise and a great place for a cold, fresh brew, and a warm, farm-to-table squash soup! Senior year Fall Break merited an all-ladies weekend, especially as the nostalgia began to set in. What was once ‘our first’ blah blah blah, has turned into ‘our final’ blah blah blah.

My favorite places to hit up?


Bakery: The Rhu

  • If you’re a sucker for baked goods, then The Rhu will forever be your gold standard for delicious brownies. Also serving coffee, gruyere-cheese breads and other sweets, our group of 13 quickly demolished a box of brownies in no time at all. The baker must whip those egg whites into a tizzy, because I’ve never tasted a brownie so perfectly textured. rhu0674.jpg

Brewery: The Wicked Weed

  • I know 0.0 about beer, but I know my friends loved checking out The Wicked Weed. Part brewery-part pub-part chillest hangout spot ever, don’t be afraid to spend an afternoon or an evening savoring some of North Carolina’s best craft beers! The atmosphere is relaxed, with a mid-century modern interior. (I also loved seeing how welcome dogs were on the premises.)PubOutside.jpg

Coffee: Izzy’s Coffee Den

  • After a three-hour drive, I was a bit road-weary, and wanted to grab a coffee before checking out the shops. Izzy’s Coffee Den is so Portlandia that I almost don’t want to mention it…Remember what happened when Women and Women First got too much attention? I loved the Mexican Mocha. IMG_2699-1024x683.jpg

Brunch: HomeGrown

  • HomeGrown captures that farm-to-table feel with a no-nonsense, delicious menu centered on locally grown produce. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better fried chicken, and the vegetable sides are flavorful and creative. Try the spaghetti squash, and ask for a sample of the pimento cheese!yR2b0hS.jpg

Vintage Shopping: The Honeypot

  • Vintage shopping can be daunting– the amount of clothing, the pops of color, the differing sizes…The Honeypot is one of Asheville’s greatest shops for vintage finds, and they now offer their services online! Selling clothing and accessories, this is a fun spot to check out prior to the gift-giving season.honeypot-wigs-thrifting-hannahandhusband-hgtv-urban-oasis-2015.jpg

Contemporary Shopping: Minx

  • Highly reminiscent of one of my favorite local stores in Niantic, Grace, Minx sells a range of fast fashion items. From bags to shoes to perfectly embellished dresses, I’m excited to say that I purchased the dress on the far left! Great for work, and great for play, Minx’s prices are super reasonable.Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 3.17.39 PM.png

Hiking: Looking Glass Rock

  • By far the longest activity, and one that still has my knees groaning, Looking Glass Rock is a MUST-do hike. Rated Medium, and completely do-able for most ages and fitness levels, this view is unbeatable. 6 rockin’ miles up, and you’ll be glad you made it.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 3.23.00 PM.png


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