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Best Comedy Halloween Episodes

Halloween can be mighty spooky if you do it right! However, it can also be a time for great, creepy-inspired laughter. If you want a suggestion other than “Hocus Pocus,” check this list out for some Halloween humor!


Friends, “The One With the Halloween Party”: Chandler recreates one of Ralphie’s greatest moments in this hilarious episode of Friends. Mona, my favorite non-Friend-significant-other, also makes a great appearance, while Rachel struggles to dole out candy.


Modern Family, “Halloween”: No one does Halloween quite like Claire Dunphy! When Halloween rolls around, Claire pulls out all the stops and goes nuts– emphasizing horror over humor. Phil, in typical fashion, interferes, and I can’t get enough of Gloria’s attempt at an English accent.


The Office, “Halloween”: When Michael fails to fire the requisite employee by the end of the month– holding it off until HALLOWEEN, of course– the office (ha.) starts to fall apart. As The Office does so well, dead panning this absurdity makes me LOL. Dwight is my brother’s spirit animal…^^^


Parks and Recreation, “Meet N Greet”: One of my fave Parks and Recreation weirdos appears in this episode– on par with Jean Ralphio: Orin. He is such a strange dude, and I love that he always shows up out of nowhere. I feel like Lucille reacting to Jean Parmesan. “AH!”


Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Trick or Treat”: Larry David, the resident grump of America, spends much of the episode reacting to post-mischief night clean up. I love watching him call out the ‘bald’ police officer.


30 Rock, “Stone Mountain”: Halloween at 30 Rockefeller is sure to be a blast– if Liz Lemon has nothing to do with it…Jenna Maroney can’t stand to be anything but THE center of attention, so she  attempts to befriend the ‘lowly’ writers.


Gilmore Girls, “Twenty One is the Loneliest Number”: Halloween is not the central feature of this episode, although Lorelai does try to convince Luke to join in her mad scientist skit! Instead, the focus is on Rory’s far too mature 21st birthday party. Imagine having your grandma plan a cocktail-birthday party for you. Rager?!


New Girl, “Halloween”: This episode inspired me to visit a Haunted House– which I have yet to do, but I am still inspired, and that counts for something…It’s also taught me never to take a first date to an event where people shoot out of the walls like bullets. Nobody needs to be punched unnecessarily.


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