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There are certain songs you can’t shake. Every time you hear them…there it goes again. Rush of emotions. Slight constriction. Eek. How am I suddenly back in 10th grade? I […]

vtales=v weird tales.

Can we talk about how freakin random “Veggietales” was? It’s a show…about dancing/singing vegetables…that deals with morals…and biblical stories…while also sanctioning odes to manatees named Barbara…WHAT? Regardless, it was a […]
vtales=v weird tales.

I Wear Tight Shoes

One of my greatest flaws has always been, and will continue to be, my inability to dress for appropriate conditions. Whether it’s a question of weather, or a ten mile […]


It’s my youngest siblings’ first day of school. (FDOC, as we apparently refer to it now.) One, a middle schooler, and the other, a highschool upperclassman, will be waking up […]

Back of My Hand?

I recently had a realization: when someone says, “I know ____ like the back of my hand,” that statement doesn’t really apply to me. I don’t know the back of […]